Town of Augusta, Missouri

Augusta Missouri

Augusta Missouri's Early History

The town of Augusta, situated on the hills overlooking the Missouri River Valley about 37 miles west of Saint Louis, was founded in 1836 by Leonard Harold, one of the settlers that followed Daniel Boone to Saint Charles County. Harold laid out the town of Mount Pleasant on part of the government land he purchased in 1821. The town site was chosen for its excellent river landing. By incorporation in 1855 the town, then known as Augusta had become a prosperous agricultural community, producing mainly grain, livestock, and wine grapes. The town, a trading center, supported numerous craftsmen, merchants, hotels, and wineries.

During the 1870's the Missouri River cut a new channel leaving the town without its boat landing but with several hundred acres of fertile river bottom land. This land still produces much of the town's income.

As other towns have gone by the wayside, Augusta, with 300 residents, is still a thriving small town. Much of the tourists interest, which was spurred by the revival of vineyards in the late sixties, has bloomed with the many home-grown businesses, bed and breakfasts and restaurants that you see today. With the backdrop of the beautiful hills, Augusta will continue to draw those who wish to enjoy a pleasurable day at one or all of the spots mentioned in this web site.

Be sure to visit the town of Augusta's Historic Museum. Call for Special Tours and hours at 636-482-4558 or 636-228-4303.

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